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Works from Blender 2.7 to 3.3.3


Group buys not supported, I'll remove customers who share the add-ons!

The support is per customer only.

The addon is cheap, support isn't free, support our work ;)


Speedflow is an amazing tool to improve your workflow!

This Addon allows you to handle modifiers as simple as possible.

You can use a Pie Menu, a normal menu, or the Panel.


With the Cutter Modal, you can cut your object really fast.

You can:

  • cut
  • Make Union
  • Make Rebool (make the reverse)
  • Create lines
  • The cutter is really easy to use and really fast!
  • Etc


With the Array modal you can manage multiple Array Modifiers directly in the modal!

You can:

  • Array Circular (2.8)
  • Edit in X, Y, and Z-axis
  • Add/Remove multiples Arrays
  • Create Arrays on Curves
  • Create cables easily with Start and End Caps
  • Change the object on the curve
  • Etc.


With the Solidify modal, you can add Solidify on your selection!

You can:

  • Add a Solidify on multiple objects
  • Change the settings, Offset, Even Offset, Fill Rim etc
  • Add more than one Solidify
  • Use vertex groups
  • Add Bevel and Subsurf directly in the modal
  • Etc.

- ROTATE - (2.79)

With the Rotate modal, you can rotate with increments!

You can:

  • Rotate with increments, 45°, 10° and 5°
  • Rotate in global and Local
  • Change the Pivot for the rotate
  • Snap the pivot directly in the modal
  • Etc.


With the Tubify modal, you can create cables in one click!

You can:

  • Create a cable from a curve or a mesh with only edges
  • Change the Depth, Resolutions U & V
  • Convert the cable in polygon
  • Use profiles
  • Change profiles in the modal


Much more on 2.8 ;)


With the Mirror modal, you can create mirrors on your selection and add multiple mirror modifiers!

You can:

  • Create a mirror and combine axis (X, Y, and Z)
  • Create a mirror with an object as the reference
  • Keep the transforms of the object
  • Change the default axis in the preferences (+X or -X)
  • Etc.

- SYMMETRIZE - (2.79)

With the Symmetrize modal, you can create symmetrize on multiple axis and objects!

You can:

  • Create symmetrize and choose the axis
  • Change the axis and choose the direction of the symmetrize
  • Combine axis
  • Change the default axis in the preferences
  • Etc.


With the Subsurf modal, you can add a Subsurf modifier on your selection!

You can:

  • Add a Subsurf on multiple objects
  • Remove the Subsurf on multiple objects too, to clean your scene of Subsurf modifiers
  • Change settings, Opensubiv, Optimal display
  • Etc.


With the Bevel modal, you can add Bevel modifiers on your selection. This modal allows you to work on two modes, subdiv and Nosubdiv.

You can:

  • Add a Bevel on multiple objects
  • Works with Subdiv and Nosubdiv assets
  • Each mode can be edited in the addon preferences
  • The Bevel is updated by the booleans depending on the mode (Subdiv/Nosubdiv)
  • Etc.


With the Boolean modal you can add multiple Boolean Modifiers to your selection!

You can :

  • Change the operation of the boolean, Intersection, Difference, Union
  • Add/Remove booleans
  • Make a Rebool (inverse boolean)
  • Switch between booleans with a feedback
  • You have an auto-update if you have a Bevel modifier
  • Etc.

On Blender 2.8 you will have a lot more Modals!

  • WEIGHTED NORMALS - Clean the normals of the mesh

  • CURVE - Add Curve modifier on your selection

  • DISPLACE -  Displace on X, Y or Z-axis in Object and Edit mode

  • SCREW - Revolve profiles, combine Screw modifiers too

  • DECIMATE - Clean the planar surfaces

  • SIMPLE DEFORM - Bend your object

  • EDGE SPLIT - Cut your object by adding sharp edges.

  • TRIANGULATE - Triangulate on Ngons

  • SKIN - Add Thickness to Edges.

  • WIREFRAME - Add Wire to your objects

  • MOD VISIBILITY - Show/Hide modifiers of your objects.

Modals come with custom text in the 3dview.

You can change the size and the color of the text in the preferences!

"This addon is really easy to use and allows you to work faster in full screen !"

We are working on this addon and this early access allows you to test it before everyone at a lower price ;)

We will update the addon and you will be able to try the new builds.

Since you are in this early access, don't hesitate to tell us what do you think About it, gives us some suggestions and reports.

The goal is to make a great addon really useful and simple!

What is Speedflow companion?


Have fun ;)


SHORTCUTS --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Speedflow : Ctrl + Shift + Q

Companion : Shift + Q

You can change them in the preferences ;)

DOCUMENTATION -------------------------------------------------------------------------------


The Updates are free ;)

Devs : Pistiwique, Pitiwazou



"Support is only for customers and only per customer, no Group Buy supported!

The addon is cheap, support isn't free, support the devs!"


If you have any issues, to fix them, we need information, so check this video to report them.


OUR ADDONS -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Asset Management: https://gumroad.com/l/asset_management

SpeedSculpt: https://gumroad.com/l/SpeedSculpt

SpeedRetopo: https://gumroad.com/l/speedretopo

RMB pie menu v2: https://gumroad.com/l/wazou_rmb_pie_menu_v2

Smart cursor: https://gumroad.com/l/smart_cursor

CHANGELOG -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


3 v0.0.30: Updated speedflow for Blender 3.0

2.9 v0.0.29: bug fixes

2.9 v0.0.28: a lot of bug fixes and update of modifiers

2.9 v0.0.21: Updated to Blender 2.9

2.8 v0.0.22: Updated some tools and made some fixes

2.8 v0.0.22: Update of the cutter and made some improvements and bug fixes

2.8 v0.0.21: Added Solo and made so fixes

2.8 v0.0.20: Fix, improvements, square profile for tubify

2.8 v0.0.19: Fix, improvements, new cutter tool

2.8 v0.0.18: Lot of fix and changes

2.8 v0.0.17: Fixed register issues 

2.8 v0.0.16: Fixed Free navigation

2.8 v0.0.15: big changes, check the keymaps

2.8 v0.0.14: beginner mode, parent assets, collections, etc 

2.8 v0.0.13: Add new awesome modals! 

2.8 v0.0.12: New modals + fixes

2.8 v0.0.11: Fixed boolean issues

2.8 v0.0.10: fixed some issues, added fast edit tool and curves

2.8 v0.0.9: Fixed some bugs and added overlay/face orientation toggle to 5 and 6 keys

2.8 v0.0.6/7/8: New registration code + check for update + fix

2.8 v0.0.5: added bisect to mirror + snap/origin stuff

2.8 v0.0.2/3/4: Fix

2.8 v0.0.1: new alpha version

v2 beta 15 - 28 Oct 2018: Fixed some bugs updated vgroups

v2 beta 14 - 12 Oct 2018: Multiple screw modifier supported

v2 beta 13 - 01 Oct 2018: Edited the Mirror and Screw Modifier, added previous Tubify version.

v2 beta 12 - 25 Sept 2018: changed the workflow for free navigation, redo the Subsurf modifier, added modals options in the preferences and fixed the mouse settings.

v2 beta 11 - 22 Sept 2018: Added Screw modifier and fixed some bugs

v2 beta 10 - 27 August 2018: several improvements to modals

v2 beta 09 - 26 May 2018: Fixed RMB selection on tubify

v2 beta 08 - 15 Jan 2018: Edited boolean and bevel to fix an issue when pressing A in edit mode.

v2 beta 07 - 09 Jan 2018: Bool_obj are not visible in render anymore support objects with Shape keys,

v2 beta 06 - 28 Dec 2017:  Fixed a bug on the bevel in edit mode

v2 beta 05 - 27 Dec 2017:  Updated the no-subdiv mode

v2 beta 04 - 21 Dec 2017: Added only vertices and lot of fix

v2 beta 03 - 13 Dec 2017: a lot of fixes, better text etc

v2 beta 02 - 22 Sept 2017: fixed some bugs


2.9 v0.0.21: Updated to Blender 2.9

2.8 v0.0.17: Updated the cutter and made some fixes

2.8 v0.0.16: Update to work on several scenes

2.8 v0.0.15: Fixed register issues 

2.8 v0.0.14: Added Blender keymaps for beginners

2.8 v0.0.13: Fixed keymaps 

2.8 v0.0.12: Added more options for primitives

2.8 v0.0.11: Fixed some bugs, added curve primitives, etc.

2.8 v0.0.9/10: Added new primitives

2.8 v0.0.8: Fixed primitives bugs from last blender build

2.8 v0.0.7: Fixed primitives bugs

2.8 v0.0.5/6: New registration code + check for update + fix

2.8 v0.0.2/3/4: Fix 

2.8 v0.0.1: new alpha version

v2 beta 23 - 23 Jan 2018: Fixed Lattice

v2 beta 22 - 28 Oct 2018: Added remove from all vgroups

v2 beta 21 - 11 Oct 2018: Added Dynamic lines tool

v2 beta 20 - 27 August 2018: Added Vertex Groups tools

v2 beta 19 - 26 May 2018: Added new tools and fixed issues

v2 beta 18 - 21 April 2018: Added shortcut for modifier popup

v2 beta 16 - 24 Mars 2018: Updated Viewport Texts and materials

v2 beta 15 - 11 Mars 2018: Updated Viewport Texts 002

v2 beta 14 - 06 Mars 2018: Updated Viewport Texts

v2 beta 13 - 04 Mars 2018: Rewrote of the Viewport Texts

v2 beta 12 - 24 Feb 2018: Added Solo option

v2 beta 11 - 06 Feb 2018: Fixed Keymaps issues

v2 beta 10 - 15 Jan 2018: Added a smart vertex to cut objects

v2 beta 09 - 09 Jan 2018: Add the possibility to change the bool objects mode (WIRE/SOLID)

v2 beta 08 - 01 Jan 2018: Fixed a bug with a shader, cleaned primitives

v2 beta 07 - 28 Dec 2017: Added icons for smart primitives

v2 beta 06 - 21 Dec 2017: Added smart Primitives and hide texts

v2 beta 05 - 27 Nov 2017: Added show/hide modifiers, fixed some bugs

v2 beta 04 - 10 Sept 2017: Updated projection modal and fixed some bugs

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  • Speedflow is the best modeling tool for Blender!

  • Speedflow is the best modeling tool for Blender!


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